Remove Non Binaries, Keep nfo's

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Remove Non Binaries, Keep nfo's

Post by fat0n3s »

I love the new remove non-binaries option on Beta 29, but I wish it wouldn't remove the NFo files.

If it could remove all text, except the nfo's, that would be perfect. :)
Or maybe have the option to keep or remove the nfo's.

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Post by DevilsRejection »

Well That wouldn't be too bard to implement, just tell the "Remove Nonbinaries" button to ignore nfo files. Thats like what one line of code? (in VB its one line, dont know how much in delphi.

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Post by Tigggger »

What is should do is hide all articles that do not have attachments, that would be the better solution.

The alternative would be spiril adding new code everytime someone says can you keep x type of file.

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Post by daphatty »

IIRC, Xnews would hide .nfo's. I'll have to check when I get home but Xnews' implementation was the example I cited when I first requested this feature.

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