Linux port

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Linux port

Post by Jed »

For years I've been saying that when I got a new computer it was going to run Linux. Well, I finally got a new machine and I've put Windows in its proper place which is running in a window in VirtualBox running under Linux. Newleecher is one of the main reasons that I still want to run Windows at all and it's running very nicely. If I have to wait for version 7 for a Linux port I may die of old age first. What software is being used to develop Newsleecher?

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Post by Smudge »

Yea, ports aren't going to happen for a while. I would recommend you read this thread about getting NewsLeecher to run using the WINE emulator.
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Post by Whiney_Lil_Biatches_Suck »

I don't think you will have to wait for Version 7, I suspect it will show up somewhere around Version 6, Beta 4,924,142.998 which is about how many beta's Version 4 is up to as of this writing...

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