repair n extract xtrem split / double group for a file /

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repair n extract xtrem split / double group for a file /

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i use newsleecher for a while now, and just see some stuff disturbing for me when i use it

1..) downloading file without adding each repair file, when u go back search and download repair file missing for a complete repair sometimes it goes on the second newsgroups where the files are since supersearch change and show 2 group for a file

means u got ur file incomplete, in group A, and u got ur repair files in group B
kinda annoying when u got a full list to download

2..) i d wish repair n extract can extract Xtremsplit file extension 001 002 but those aren't handle by winrar

3..) adding a path in repair n extract option, to go in temp folder where files were located, and to download folder where file are, maybe also an option to copy in repair n extract name of file to search it again

well it's kinda all i wish for my personnal use i don't know what other think about it

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*.001.xtm split files are quite annoying since they required to use

if it's possible to add xtremsplit to rne process it could be amazing
but since those files are rare and it would recquired the possibility to add xtremsplit binaries in nl install dir.

since we cannot add our own binaries for par2 or rar I don't think it will happen, but we can always dream.

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