Connection hanging after 61 seconds on ab.bonless + absm.prog

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Connection hanging after 61 seconds on ab.bonless + absm.prog

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Ive used NL for a number of years and decided to upgrade to v4.0. Aside from a few changes, the initial setting up of my astraweb account and two test newsgroups was straight forwards.

I tweaked the first Group update from No Limit to 5,000,000 as I wanted some recent history specifially from boneless.

After setting the update off, I saw that the download of headers started then around 10-15 seconds later die off, then the connection resets after 61 seconds. I had also tweaked the connection timeout to 300 seconds thinking that it would allow "whatever" to resume the download but got the same issue after I flashed each newsgroup cache of headers.

I got the same problem with V5.0 Beta 1.

I don't recall having a problem like this with my older V3.9

Any thoughts?


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