Option to delete junk files ( nfo,sfv,etc) in download dir and extract dir

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Option to delete junk files ( nfo,sfv,etc) in download dir and extract dir

Post by Comfun »

Since we cannot run personal batch in the end of the extract process, why not implement it directly.

The idea is simple a adv nerdy option to enable junk files to be deleted.
If we can choose what king od junk is deleted it's even best.

But at last by default, nfo, png, sfv, srr.

So we can keep clean download and extract dir without having to run a script or manuelly delete those files.

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Post by macatk »

This is what I came here today to see there was a post on this subject as I too would like an option to be able to delete files by extension added to newsleecher with it also adding .nzb files as I get a lot those in most of my d/l from Newzbin. Hope it gets implemented.

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Post by uberlurker »

Interesting idea,
one would think then why the hell do you/your robot keep posting .nfo an .sfv in the quickpar split files set you using?
I'll understand a robot limitation specification thou :)

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Post by JackOfHearts »

:idea: It would appear that adding the option to run a command at the completion of extraction would be a true enhancement to the program, and not simply a tweak or bug fix. As a rather novice programmer, I envision this as a rather straight forward coding project.

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Post by highwaykind »

I would like this feature added too (except for audiobooks I would like too keep the nfo files - but I would lik ethe nzb/sfv/srr file to be auto-deleted after succesful rar extraction)

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Post by front243 »

Sabnzbd got this feature as well and I like it.

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