Postpone Verify (and Repair) until really needed

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Postpone Verify (and Repair) until really needed

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What I would really like to see is this:
Postpone the verify (and repair) in the R&E tab until either:
a) A part didn't download OK or is missing.
b) All parts seemed to have downloaded OK, but extract failed.

As my download speed is way faster than my verify/repair/extract speed my download folders fill up with non-yet extracted files.
Eventually NL will pause downloading because the disk is full.
This space is reclaimed later as I have setup my extracts to go to another disk, but (that is another feature request) there is no "automatic auto-resume if space becomes available".

In 95% of all my downloads the verify/repair is not needed at all. It's a total waste of time and effort.
A smart verify like has some other benefits as well:
Less CPU load, less disk-trashing, less power-consumption.
Be nice..... We were all newbies once.......

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