Auto check for incomplete files on different server

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Auto check for incomplete files on different server

Post by Core_F »

Guess some of us have more than one usenet server that they can leech from. Either we have more accounts from different providers or a provider provides different servers.

So I would love to see the following: If I download an incomplete file, I would like, that Newsleecher checks a different server, if the file is complete there and redownload it.
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Post by Smudge »

This is already possible. You just need to set up the servers using the Priority settings. These other servers are often called 'fill servers'.

In the Manager page, select the primary server and click the Edit Server button. Enable the Show Advanced Settings checkbox and make sure the Priority is set to 1. Make sure the "Use for Article Downloads" option is enabled. Click the OK button.
Now select the secondary 'fill' server and Edit then Enable the Show Advanced Settings. Set the Priority to 2. Make sure the "Use for Article Downloads" option is enabled. Click OK.

So now when NewsLeecher is downloading a file and it is not available on the primary server, it will then try to download from the Fill server. The Fill server will not be used for general downloading.

For example, I use Giganews as my primary server using 10 connections. I also have a pay-by-download account from Astraweb as my fill server using 2 connections. I've had the same 25GB account from Astraweb for many years now. I've only used a little over 5GB of that account since Giganews retention/completion is so high but those times where the article is no longer available on Giganews (often due to a DMCA take down request or just a corrupted posting), having this backup server is wonderful.
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