RnE handling of subs

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RnE handling of subs

Post by Lebowski »

Is there a way to get RnE to properly extract subs, or ignore them?

Typically subs are packed like this:


Inside that rar is:

release.name.rar (containing "release.name.sub")

RnE extracts the first subs rar, deletes it, and when it finishes extracting the whole release, deletes the rar that was packed inside along with the rest of the rars. Then you have to go find -subs.rar in the recycle bin or download it again to get the .sub file.

What I would love is for RnE to either extract the 2 rars leaving just the .idx and .sub files, or just ignore the -subs.rar completely and let me extract it myself.
I would prefer the second option as I like to keep the subs packed until I need them

Also newsleecher has the rar-in-rar warning which I like for other files but is there a way to have it ignore files with "-subs" in the title?


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Post by GloX »

Yes, this is very annoying.

Sometimes the .rar file from the -subs.rar also overwrites the main .rar file.
This either causes NewsLeecher to have to repair the download or it just fails to extract it.

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