Repair 'n Extract Destinations for Superleech Entries

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Repair 'n Extract Destinations for Superleech Entries

Post by rnpvenom »

Superleech is so slick and is saving me time like crazy. Thanks for that and all the features you've added.

I have my repair and extract move things around for me automatically. it would be awesome to pair/link a RnE entry to a superleech. Right now i have to make a superleech entry then go manually tell repair and extract basically the same thing.

a) let me pick superleech entries from a dropdown box when making extract destination manager entry (preferred)
b) let me choose a destination for extraction when making a superleech entry.


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Post by Spiril »

You are not the first to request such a feature and we're working on implementing it at the moment.

The first beta of NewsLeecher v6.6 should support it.
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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