REQ: Drag & Drop Feature on Extract and repair window

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REQ: Drag & Drop Feature on Extract and repair window

Post by ericdevet »

I would like to see a Drag & Drop feature on the Repair & Extract window for par2 files.

Or the option to right-Click and get an Open file dialog for par2 files.

This would enhance the use of newsleecher as an alternative to Par2+winRAR/ZIP.

Also, sometimes i have to switch off Repair&Extract in newsleecher and forget to enable it again, so it missed the first small Par2 file.
Instead of downloading a not needed large Par2 file, it would be nice to be able to add the small par2 file manualy either with Drag&Drop or an Open File dialog.

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Post by lamma »

We use to have this feature in older versions, please put it back! 8)
Heck, the hint is still there!


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Post by Smudge »

What version are you using? With the latest Final and Beta versions, I'm able to drag a PAR2 file in from a Windows Explorer window onto the Repair and Extract window and it is added as expected.

Also, in the Explorer tab of NewsLeecher, at the bottom of the file listing is a "Repair and Extract Drag and Drop Bar" for exactly what you are wanting to do.
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