Extract Tab Changes (Filter, Date, Second Download)

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Extract Tab Changes (Filter, Date, Second Download)

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Hi there,

Unlike many here it seems, I never clean up my Extract Tab, that is because I like to keep track of what I have download, and additionally if I add a file to the download queue that I have downloaded before, then Newsleecher lets me know this. As such, it would be nice to have the following updated on this Tab :

1. A Filter Box on Filename - This is on the Queue and SuperSearch tabs and would be useful on the Queue (and probably SuperLeech tabs as well).
2. A Date column - Useful to know when a file was added to the Extract list.
3. Sometimes I do redownload a file. When this happens NewsLeecher will download the files, but because the Par2 from the first time download is on the Extract list it will not re-add the Par2 again and thus will not verify or extract my second download, I therefore have to do this manually. It would be nice if NewsLeecher did this even if a Par2 is already on the Extract tab.


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