Download Rules or Profiles

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Download Rules or Profiles

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I like the direction they're taking NL7 with the Destination Folders system. However, it doesn't include managing download destinations based on keyword, when added to queue. You can set up different download and extract folders and save that, then 'Leech Specify' and select the saved DF name. That's a neat feature and it got me thinking:

why not expand the 'Destination Folders' idea and make it more like 'Download Profiles' or 'Download Rules'?

This way you can specify the trigger, and the event. Such as trigger: 'when keyword matches X', effect: 'extract to folder X' or, something I would use all the time: trigger: 'when keyword matches X', effect: 'remove rar and par files after extract'. You could just add as many rules to the profile as you want, be able to activate/deactivate rules and profiles, etc.

You could incorporate this into your Destination Folders idea!

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