Only queue sets containing parity files in SL

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Only queue sets containing parity files in SL

Post by TheSiege »

For quite a few TV series, there are a number of posters that sometimes upload sets missing par2 files, when these are picked up by SL, they are never extracted and moved to their destination folder.

This could be resolved partially by a search append filter, as they're often posted by the same group, but they do sometimes upload full releases including par2 files, so it's far from the best solution.

It would be great to have the ability to instruct SL to only download a set when it includes par2 files.

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Re: Only queue sets containing parity files in SL

Post by #1tech »

I noticed the same problem. Without the Par2 file no verify or extraction takes place for that file set. I have to go to the download folder and manually run QuickPar to verify the file set then do a manual extraction.
It would be nice, if the Par2 file is missing from a file set that includes the remaining Par2 files, NewsLeecher would use one of the other Par2 files to complete the verify process and continue on to extraction if the set is intact. If the file set is complete all you need is only one of the other Par2 set files to verify with QuickPar. NewsBin has the ability to use any of the Par2 files to automatically verify a file set with the Par2 file missing. Wish NewsLeecher would do that also.

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