Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

Post by TickyTock »

My wish for Santa is: WHEN are the admins of this service going to crack down and cancel accounts of those uploading spam and viruses? This is a nice service but it is being spoiled by some misguided fools who seem to have nothing any better to do than play these games. Personally, I am about at the end of my patience and am about to cancel my account. This crap is no longer funny or cute!!

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Re: Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

Post by xasphalt »

Ditto and ditto. I am finding that the point of the service is becoming pointless. Please post reasonable ways around this.

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Re: Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

Post by Quaraxkad »

You seem to be under the impression that NewsLeecher, or it's owner, is responsible for any of this. Usenet is a public service, anybody can upload whatever they want. The original hosting news servers have absolutely no control over who posts what.

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Re: Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

Post by techjunkie »

if you can't filter them here a idea to add, lots of people other than me would like to see I bet

Allow paid users who have downloaded the files and they know 100% the files are infected with malware, virus, fake file , I want to be able to flag the links so others paid users don't re download them again and waste there time or risk infecting there system with a rat or backdoor trojan or any other nasty etc.

A feature I think would improve newsleecher super search a great deal.

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Re: Spam & Virused Being Uploaded

Post by pergo »

I love this idea.!!!
I too would thing this adds GREAT Value to the service.

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