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Search within a RAR set

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:25 am
by BlizzardUK
With a certain web based NG provider's search (starts with an E) it searches for the actual file names within the RARs, as loads of archives are misnamed or not even named for obvious reasons. So many times I have had to resort to using that search instead of SuperSearch, but I would prefer to stick to Newsleecher. Can this be done with NL ? I believe it would probably have to be like your "browse" option where it uses your servers in advance to search.

So lets say for instance a header is called "best movie in the world" and the RAR set is called "I AM GREAT", but this is just nonsense, the files within the RARs, the properly named ones, can't be seen in SuperSearch, but in the other provider's web based search it can, which is great these days and very useful and needed.