utility to scan/repair/fix corrupted NL database

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utility to scan/repair/fix corrupted NL database

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If (when) the NL database and/or index files get corrupted, there appears that there is no way to scan and repair the files. There is no equivalent to "chkdsk c: /f" which repairs disk index errors, for example. Or other database scan & repair options.

See thread:

The database corruption seems to occur on various releases, and often after some other "bug check" error. Or worse some NL hang which can only be resolved by using task-manager to kill the program. That almost always causes the database and index to be out of sync and then cause further errors and hangs and bug-checks.

The only manual fix seems to be to completely delete all the saved headers: Wipe the cache, then delete the three files in the newsleecher\data\cachv4\groups folder (the .nlc, nli, nlm files) that apply to the problem newsgroup. Restart NL. Of course then you have to re-download headers again for xx days back, which can be very tedious for large newsgroups.

Please provide some solution.

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Re: utility to scan/repair/fix corrupted NL database

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I have followed the steps given below to repair the corrupted database still no results found.
Open the Access application.
Select the Database Tools tab.
Then click the Compact and Repair Database option on the tab.
A Database to Compact From window will then open from which you can select a database file to repair.
Press the Compact button.

Is there anything i am doing wrong?

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