Allow multiple column sort/search within SuperSearch

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Allow multiple column sort/search within SuperSearch

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Ref: Please see related article ( ... =4&t=26898) on allowing sorting by attachments, which should be considered a part of this request as well.

At the present time, (AFAIK), SuperSearch allows search results to be sorted by a specified column, (i.e. size, subject, etc.)

The desired result may be the result of multiple factors. For example, (using the suggestion within my prior posting), I may wish to sort by attachment first, then by subject, then by age, (etc.)

The present behavior allows sorting using only one factor, the others being seemingly randomly distributed.

Likewise, allowing multiple factor searching within SuperSearch would reduce the number of "noise" items returned, helping the user quickly find what he is searching for. (i.e. Please return results that contain specific keywords, AND have attachments, and/or are larger/smaller than size"x"), Since SuperSearch is, in essence, a database query, this should be easily done.

Thank you for an excellent product.

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