Auto-Trigger "Detect Renamed"

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Auto-Trigger "Detect Renamed"

Post by nonspin » Wed May 17, 2017 5:34 pm

For obvious reasons, indexers now obfuscate their files and spawn them over multiple groups.

Even though, if your NL is properly configured and the files from
that .nzb land in the same proper directory, NL is ubable to
figure it out.

Any .par2 verification tasks figures it out (QuickPar, Multipar) and
restores the original filenames - no matter how obfuscated they are.

Right now, not only you have to right-click the item, select "Find Renamed"..
.. you also have to click OK on the pop-ups that really grow old fast.

So please, either trigger the "Find Renamed" option automatically
and get rid of these pop-ups, or at lease add an option to trigger it


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Re: Auto-Trigger "Detect Renamed"

Post by lurking_leecher » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:56 pm

I second this request and like to "bump" the post for developers' attention.

I am a long time NL user currently seeking refuge in Sab**** solely because obfuscated rar-file names, please consider adding "detect renamed" as part of verification, at least as an option if that consumes too much CPU resources.

NL7-Final allows manual detection as the original poster has pointed out, but it only applies to already-downloaded files, so if you are in R32 within a 73-file set, R33 and beyond still show up as missing.

My common usage of NL is to collect a larger number of NZB's then do a batch download unattended, manual activation on 100+ sets overnight is rather impractical.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Auto-Trigger "Detect Renamed"

Post by nonspin » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:03 am

I fixed most things..

To ensure the files referenced in that .nzb,
i force/overide both Defaults, the DL-Destination and the RnE-Dest. of nzb-imports to create a static location
for each imported nzb (the content of the nzb)

overide Default Download Dest.:
L:\_temp\<NZB Name>
(using GROUP here causes the scattering)

overide Default Extraction Dest.:
L:\<Group>\<NZB Name>

The Fix for the "Find Renamed" annoyance
is more on the creative side:

I skipped the popup-windows by inline-patching
the code - i can't go into how and where
because it is technically illegal.

For "finding&renaming" i made a PowerShell-Module that runs through a folder
(workdir), collecting all .par2 heads ..
.. and then piping each result to "Multipar.exe /verify".

Not the best solution - but saves SOO much time and nerves.

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