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Re: Auto-Trigger "Detect Renamed"

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:56 pm
by lurking_leecher
I second this request and like to "bump" the post for developers' attention.

I am a long time NL user currently seeking refuge in Sab**** solely because obfuscated rar-file names, please consider adding "detect renamed" as part of verification, at least as an option if that consumes too much CPU resources.

NL7-Final allows manual detection as the original poster has pointed out, but it only applies to already-downloaded files, so if you are in R32 within a 73-file set, R33 and beyond still show up as missing.

My common usage of NL is to collect a larger number of NZB's then do a batch download unattended, manual activation on 100+ sets overnight is rather impractical.

Thanks for your time.