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Stripped down interface just to SuperSearchm esp. OS agnostic one

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:58 pm
by crocolord
So, I'll be honest here, I only keep NL around because SuperSearch is still great. At this point though, I've long since moved to other apps to handle the download portion. I think it would be fantastic(and much less work for you) if you just produced a program whose purpose was to be an interface to SS that exported selected items as NZBs for dedicated download apps to handle. This is literally what I use it for now anyway.

If you made a say, Python based interface that could be run on a non-Windows system, that would be even better. Heck, if you produced an API, I'd try and write one, I've been looking for a thing to make myself learn Python anyway. On the Windows side I think all you need is an interface to show available groups, and the SuperSearch interface. I really wouldn't miss anything if all the rest of the stuff were ditched. An OS agnostic interface, even if it just exported results as an XML or something would be fine, as we could then build wrapper apps to take that and select the items to actually keep and request back. At this point, I think SS is your killer feature(I think most of the development that had occurred when it was still really active reflected that as well).

I've been thinking a lot about letting NL go, but SS keeps me, but Windows has become such a thorn in my side lately I'm migrating all my things to Linux, and I've been debating if it's worth keeping a Windows box around just for NL.

Thank you, and I guess since this is the forum for it, Happy Holidays!

Re: Stripped down interface just to SuperSearchm esp. OS agnostic one

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:27 am
by max2
I like this idea!