More efficient password probing

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More efficient password probing

Post by Shashinka » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:35 pm


I found it very useful when NL supported extracting RAR passwords from NZB file names, like {{ABCXYZ}}

However, i think the way the extraction works is very inefficient.
For example, when I add like 20 NZB files with passwords to the download queue, NL puts the passwords in the temporary password list. When it extracts the downloaded rar files, it seems to probe each password from the list until it succeeds, but even worse, everytime it seems to extract the whole RAR archive.

This is very inefficient, causing unnecessary reads and writes to the drive.

1. Isn't there a faster way to check if the password is correct without extracting the complete archive?
2. Why trying each password in list in the first way? When NL extracts a password from the NZB file, can't it store it with a database-link pointing directly to the download in the queue? When the extraction fails, it can still try the password list (but in a faster way, see point 1).

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