NL v8 Beta3 Wishlist

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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NL v8 Beta3 Wishlist

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I will probably have to wait longer then 25th of December for this present but hope it will be considered in a future version. :D

Just came from v7 Final and tried the Beta3. Had to get used to the new interface a little but I have to say, I like it.
My compliments to the hole team! =D> =D> =D>

Two things I miss from the start. (only been using it for 10min.) are:
1. A button on the Unpacker tab for the Password Manager.
2. On the Explorer tab the possibility to drag and release a par2 file.
3. The option to auto Pause par2 files, they now get downloaded all and this is almost never necessary. (sorry can't find it)


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Re: NL v8 Beta3 Wishlist

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AWS always releases a bunch of features, sometimes everyday or atleast once a week. Here is my wish list of the features I want to see as a part of AWS infrastructure

1: AWS Managed Proxy Server(Rather than spinning own squid server)

2: EBS replication across different availability zones(Possible? Legal constraints?)

3: Multi-region VPC(Possible? Legal constraints?)

4: UI to debug boot issues(Better then EC2 Get Instance Screenshot and Instance logs)

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Re: NL v8 Beta3 Wishlist

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great theme

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