Require "whole word" match

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Require "whole word" match

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For me, this most important search feature that is missing from SuperSearch & SuperLeech is the ability to specify that a string must NOT be part of a larger string, i.e. "whole word match required." While searching for one word titles can still be problematic, at least eliminating all of the non-matches where the one word title is actually part of a larger word would help.

Some examples:
  • The movie "red"
  • The movie "heat"
  • TV show "evil"
The second most important missing feature (in Beta 8.x) is the query build/edit dialog. That was the ONLY way I have ever been able to get the syntax right for all of the search features that I don't use every day (which is most of them, actually!)

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Re: Require "whole word" match

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thank you for the explanations, very clear!

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Re: Require "whole word" match

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great theme

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