3.9 Beta 1 with Repair'n'Extract

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3.9 Beta 1 with Repair'n'Extract

Post by Hecks »

Edit - For those in need of instructions, to use the Repair'n'Extract feature:

1. Enable the R'n'E tab by clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of the tabs, then check R'n'E (or do the same via View > Pages).

2. Check all of the boxes you see on the R'n'E tab: Enabled, Verify, Repair, Extract, Monitor.

3. Options > R'n'E > check 'Auto Unpause Queue Set Files If Needed', set your output directory and post-extraction options.

** To prevent deletion of data files, including nfos, mp3s & jpegs etc, always extract to a folder that is different from the download folder **

3b. Optional step: restart Newsleecher at this point to make sure everything's running OK, could help to correct reported problems with using R'n'E for the first time.

4. Download something by any leeching method, to any folder (opening NZBs works fine, too).

** RnE can't yet handle split archives (.001, .002 etc.), so don't even try with these **

5. Voila!

6. For any other PAR sets, just drag the PAR2 info file on to the Drag and Drop bar at the bottom of the Explorer tab, or directly onto the R'n'E window.

7. The Destination folder (for extracted files only) can be changed by right-clicking on the file in the R'n'E window and choosing 'Change Destination'.

8. If any files are missing, these will show up as red in the file list. Right click on the file and choose 'Find in Super Search' to search for the missing file, otherwise NL will automatically download enough repair blocks if these are paused in the download queue and try to reconstruct the whole file.



Mod edit: The following are missing or wished for features. It's possible that not all of the missing feature will be implemented, some of them are just so rare that it might not be worth the effort (PAR1 support for instance)

1. Support for other archives (zip, 7z, ace, etc).

2. PAR support.

3. SFV support (might be useful to verify posts that have no par2 files).

4. Shutdown when empty should be changed to (optionally) shutdown after RnE stuff.

5. Password protected archive support.

6. Remove unneeded par2 files (and other files) from the queue.

7. Remove the entry from the RnE screen after successful move/extract.

8. Possibly add a file browser to the RnE tab so you don't have to switch tabs to import par2 files.

9. Automatic queuing of missing files and additional par2 blocks (if present) through super search.

10. Go to source and destination dir context menu options in RnE tab

11. Keyboard shortcuts for RnE tab (delete, refresh, etc).

12. Context menu items to repair and/or extract a par2 set (so that you can process 1 particular set without having to process the rest).

13. Ability to set verify, repair and extract flags per par2 set.

14. Some form of notification after extraction or move.

15. A rules- or profile-based extraction feature combined with regular expression filter on filenames would be nice. :)

16. For slower machines, option to start RnE processing only after download queue is empty.

17. Ability to manually launch the extracted file.

18. Automatic deletion of *.1 files after repair.

19. Quick filter box on the RnE tab.

20. Ability to use Delete key to remove items from RnE tab.

21. Options to name extraction sub-folder after NZB and/or download folder rather than just PAR2.

Bug list moved to here
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Post by fifty_rocks »

great list. Extremely helpful...thanks!

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Post by Hecks »

On reflection, perhaps it would have been wiser if the beta install had enabled the R'n'E tab and all the checkboxes by default?

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Post by Morpheus »

ui, first Beta and it works ... perfect :D


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Post by Ambrosius »


Seems like you have it down!! Question for anyone. When the repair and extract feature finds missing parts I thought that the Auto unpause queued set files if needed was supposed to automatically unpause the par files need to repair the missing blocks. NL never seems to release the pars to fix the files.. Anything I should be doing?


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Post by Hecks »

Yes, it should be auto unpausing if that option is checked and you're connected to your server. Try re-starting NL and see if that shakes it loose.

Btw, I wonder if we're going to see SS integration with auto par2 downloading ... it can already find the files on SS, shoudn't be too much of a step from this to actually skipping the download queue completely and grabbing straight from SS ...

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Post by Ambrosius »


OK as long as I know the feature works. I think the problem is that I started the download with a previous version of NL and completed the download with the latest beta. I think I need to test it with a download where I start and finish with v3.9b1.


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Post by Scoty »

this feature not working by me. i have all enabled and restart but NL will not check and unrar the files.

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Post by spizz »

I like the new RepairnExtract but would like the following options-

- When deleting par files to also delete the sfv file and nfo file

- After using the par files needed from the download paused queue to fix the file if needed, to then delete from queue the other paused par files that are not needed.

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Doc Orac
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Post by Doc Orac »

Repair 'n Extract is great :!: :!: :D

I would like to see 2 new menu-options, when right-clicking on the file in the R'n'E window, and that's Go To Source folder and Go To Destination folder, or are those options "hidden" :?:
Have A Nice Day!

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Post by p.vanderwal »

That would be very easy indeed..........

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Post by wvd_vegt »


I did some work of my own on Par2 and would like to see a feature I worked on but still miss in quickpar (and newsleecher RnE).

I would like to see, the moment a part is broken, how many repair blocks in total are needed already at that moment to repair. Basically it's the damaged blocks in the files to be repaired - the number of valid block in repair files already downloaded.

If this number of needed repair blocks exceeds the number of repair blocks that are available you cannot repair the files and further download is a waste of time.

RnE is only showing the number of blocks still missing (the sum of valid blocks in files and repait volumes already downloaded) which is nice but does not say anything about if further downloading files will result in being able to repair.

[edit] I also would like to see a feature to delete remaining repair volumes from the queue when repair & extract went well. [/edit]
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Post by katadiope »

I'd like to know if it is possible to have a kind of progress bar or something like that, I'm currently using the new RnE but I don't know at which stage the process is.
By the way I think it will be helpfull to have a new leech function in the menu like "Leech (automated RnE).

Thanks for the beta and keep on going the good job !

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Post by Bandicoot »

Somehting still isn't very clear to me. Suppose I have 2 movies in my queue, Rne calculates how much par2 I need and leaves the unneeded par2 files paused. Does Newsleecher leave the unneeded par2"s paused and continues downloading the second movie in the queue?

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Post by wvd_vegt »

spizz wrote:I like the new RepairnExtract but would like the following options-

- When deleting par files to also delete the sfv file and nfo file
Please don't delete the nfo automatically, they tend to contain those handy numbers from time to time.

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