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NewsLeecher Version 4 Previews

Post by Spiril »

We've decided to release a few unofficial previews of NewsLeecher v4.0, before making an official beta release.

There are many smaller additions and changes in these previews, compared what's in NewsLeecher v3.9x. But the one improvement that really stands out, is that NewsLeecher v4.0 now fully supports article collections (also known as 'article combines' or 'article threadings' to some) for binary articles. This new feature will collect similar articles (like all .RAR files, .PAR2 files, etc) of a fileset, and make it a single entry in the NewsLeecher listviews, resulting in much better overview when browsing articles.

Besides better overview, the collections feature also brings some positive side effects. It is now possible to browse groups containing hundreds of millions of headers on an average computer, without consuming too much RAM. Also, the article cache files in NewsLeecher v4 now consumes tens of times less diskspace than the v3.9x series did.

The first preview can be downloaded from there:

Before installing, please note that:

This is an early preview. It still contains lots of bugs, memory leaks and features which aren't hooked up yet. Now you're warned!

It is only available NewsLeecher customers who currently have a valid NewsLeecher license.

Also it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your current NewsLeecher settings before installing, or that you setup NewsLeecher v4 to use another disk folder for settings.

To setup another folder for NewsLeecher settings, pls do the following:

Install NewsLeecher v4 (to a new folder - not you NewsLeecher v3x folder)

Go to the folder where you installed NewsLeecher v4, and make a file called "newsleecher.ini".

Open newsleceher.ini and enter this line into the file: "dataFolder=%appdata%\NewsLeecherV4\".

Close the file.
Now, when you now launch NewsLeecher v4, it will not mess with your NewsLeecher v3x settings, as it is using another folder than NewsLeecher v3 to read and write settings.

Enjoy! And please let us know what you think about the previews.
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bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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Post by wissertje »

Looks great Spiril. :lol:

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Post by loopez »


trying for now.
great idea - V4 also will notify if newer build is released?

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Post by Weaver »

Can't download. Works fine till 99%, then de server is disconnected. :(

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ESET System Security

Post by apcarr »

Weaver its your Anti-Virus thats blocking it I have the same problem because ESET reports this as a virus and wont let me download,after adding it to exceptions it fails to install as it reports newsleecher.exe in the install folder as a virus aswell!
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Post by weetibix »

I couldn't grab it either
but as it was nearly there Nod32 flashed up a trojan/virus warning
Thermedia or something like that
probably a false positive but maybe best to check

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Post by apcarr »

Added the .exe in the install folder to exceptions aswell in ESET and its installed ok now.

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Post by Satania »

No problems with download , no virus warnings

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Post by shmu22 »

ugh... no threading for non-binaries. I was hoping to one day use only one newsreader. I would imagine this is much easier to code than the binary threading, so hopefully some day...

Anyway, it's pretty cool for binaries when it works. It misses a lot of groupings that look, as far as I can tell, very similar to the ones it hits. To be expected though, since this is an alpha. As a proof of concept/demo it's pretty sweet. One issue though is that it will be easy to loose real posts amongst spam. It might be cool if the threaded groups were bolded or a different color, or if you could sort by threading status. That's perhaps a nit-picky request at this stage of the game though.

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Post by y0himba »

Can't wait to try this...yes!

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Just a thought

Post by doppler »

A like how V4 is turning out. Got some bugs (hell yea). But we will work them out.

Just a suggestion. Is it possible to also lump together JPG groups, like
article groups are in V4? It's nice to see a uncluttered screens.
But the several thousand, jpgs posted (unlumped) kind of lose the effect you wanted.

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Post by toaomatis »

Many thanks,

im gonna give it a try;

Get back to you with my experiences!


Looks great (the same :p) and i didn't encounter any bugs so far; Installed like you said and then copied all my settings from appdata V3 to V4 dir and started the application.

Worked like a charm.

What i would like to add is the following:

Is there a possibility that the coding-team adds a function to upload files to a server; Something like Autopost. I know its a dutch-program but it works fine; Anyway i would like this implemented in Newsleecher, so it doesnt only leeches, but also uploads :)

Last but not least; Nice job guys (lady's) for coding a new major version of NL!!!

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Post by BlackYeLL »

Great, I just tried it, it seems to work well.

About the article collection, there is a lot of article that aren't "collapsed", here is two example format : (yes I know, it's stupid, but there is a lot like these in the groups where I go)

But generally, it works pretty well :)

Thank you.
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Post by jantje2 »

The status in the queue vieuw keeps telling initialising. The repair 'n' extract works fine. After a restart of NL everything if fine and I get a progres bar. After a while the same thing happens , no progres bas but initialising. The download is ok.
A bug or my mistake?
:oops: :oops:

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Re: ESET System Security

Post by Weaver »

apcarr wrote:Weaver its your Anti-Virus thats blocking it I have the same problem because ESET reports this as a virus and wont let me download,after adding it to exceptions it fails to install as it reports newsleecher.exe in the install folder as a virus aswell!
Thnx, worked fine with the download now. Didn't notice ESET was the prob 'cause had no warning from ESET.

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