How to copy Queue from v3.95 beta3 to v4 beta1

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How to copy Queue from v3.95 beta3 to v4 beta1

Post by delta7 » Tue May 12, 2009 3:02 am


I have made a backup copy of my Newsleecher config for v3.95 beta 3. I have installed v4 beta 1 over the old installation. All of my subscribed newsgroups are present in their virtual groups and my config is still correctly pointing to a different drive to download the articles so all looks fine from a config point of view ... just downloading the headers again.

However my queue is now empty ... is there any way to re-populate the Queue from my backup config files? Before upgrading I had a few gig of entries in the Queue. Is there a Queue file that I can copy over from my backup?


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