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Post by doppler »

How soon til BETA #8?

I played with beta #1, found all the usual problems discussed. Held off
a bit more, played with beta #7 on another computer. I liked #7 but I
am holding off til beta #8 to commit to my main computer.

So, will it be soon maybe?

I know betas are a way of "whacking" out everything you got. This is
why I have waited til now "beta 8". I have been whacked by usenetserver
a couple of times already with there, nasty headers problems of late.
So getting wacked possibly by beta 8, won't phase me the least.

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RnE Not Working - Stuck on "Ready to Extract" Forever

Post by posthaste »

For everything I download (which includes PAR2 sets), RnE just gets stuck on "Ready to Extract."

Nothing is verified/extracted/etc.

This happens with at least the last dozen downloads.

Also, the Custom Folder Location isn't working. When I change the directory, close and re-open NL, it still downloads in the old directory instead of the newly specified one.

Lots of bugs.

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Post by bbarker »

If you click on the Quick Search dropdown in the Articles or Queue tabs, it opens for an instant and then disappears. When you click on it a second time it works as expected.

I think it's already been reported, but when you switch to the Queue tab and click on one of the entries, it scrolls right a little bit

BTW, I've only tested this on Win XP SP3.

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Post by Longboy538 »

When I select a file under repair/extract and I want to do 'find super search' I can select both option but under both I can't selct the days anymore what I could do with previous versions.

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Post by Spoor12B »

EDIT: This post can be removed, the problems were caused by hardware.
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Post by Spoor12B »

For some of my downloads, the status remains at initializing when it's downloading (there's no progress indicator present).

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When can we expect Export to NZB option again and next beta?

Post by Sparky24 »

Its been 2 months since the last beta release. When will the next beta be out and should we expect to see the return of the Export to NZB feature in that release? :?:


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Post by Crand »


Almost forgot this program is currently in development. It's been so long. Do you want more money from me to fix all the problems with this thing? I'll give you some. Just get your asses back to work!

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Post by Ethan39 »

This version doesn't download all .rars completely. It is very often that I get the first let's say 30 .rars complete, but the rest in the queue isn't. Once this happens it will go like that with all downlaods in the queue.

I'm downloading at 60 mbit. Have a 1 tb HD, an E6750 processor and 2 gb of RAM.

I tried lowering the speed, downloading to another disk, defragmenting disks...nothing helps. The only thing that helped was installing version 4 beta 5 again :)

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Post by landofcleve »

When do we get the next installment????

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Queue Size in GB

Post by Bigballs79 »

Im sorry if this has been asked before did few searches but could not find the answer:

anyway my question is In previous versions I have had a remaining time and queue size in the status bar above the queue list

it is still there but no longer simplified to GB left instead of all the data being in KB

I can work it out but it would be nice to simplify it and also with all the misconceptions about what size is a gig (e.g 1000MB or actual size 1024MB)

once again sorry for this question if been answered before but im stumped if I can find it



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Post by chaostm »

NEWSLEECHER doesnt remember, which files have been downloaded !!

If the system crashes , lets say after 2 days of downloading, newsleecher starts to download all those files again after restart.

"download_skip_existin_file" is enabled in the "nerdy" settings.

any ideas if this is a bug or i forgot a setting..


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abandonware or?

Post by Chinch »

like the others, i'm at least waiting on an acknowledgement that the program is still being worked on... i was going to get out my wallet tonight and buy the program, but i've decided against it for the time being until i see some kind of status update or whatever... beta 7 still has a lot of bugs to work out, and i don't want to sink my money into something that isn't going to be furthered and completed.

i think the whole threading idea for the new series was a great idea, but even it has problems correctly threading the same article parts sometimes... plus a host of other bugs... as said... i understand it's a beta and i could use 3.9 final, but i like some of the features of 4.0 -- so your advice will be just to wait xx months or years until the 4.0 final product comes out? i'm afraid if there is going to be one!

can you give us some reassurance that the program is still in development and not just on the back burner? as said, i'm ready to pay my money for the program, absolutely, but is it going anywhere? you used to be very diligent in working on it and having releases very often, but now it's been about 3 months since any new release has been done... are you losing interest and heart in the program lately?

(the reason is, i paid for a software before, and like a couple of weeks later, the author abandoned the project) -- true, i still got the program, but what use is a program without development? i'm running win7-64bit. newsleecher 'sorta' works most of the time... a few freezes here and there.. and a problem with it not wanting to maximize (although i can still see it running in the preview).

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Post by Smudge »

Yes it is still being developed. You don't need to worry about it being abandoned as there are a lot of ideas still to be implemented.
Please be aware of and use the following pages...
Services Status Page : SuperSearch and Usenet Access server status, retention, server load, indexing time, etc.
Support Request Form : Use this if you have a problem with billing or account status. The forum is only for NewsLeecher application issues.

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Post by Chinch »

Smudge wrote:Yes it is still being developed. You don't need to worry about it being abandoned as there are a lot of ideas still to be implemented.
excellent.. thank you for taking the time to give me a response.. i understand that there are other things in life besides coding newsleecher ;)

we just like to hear an update every now and then, like... hey i'm still working on fixing some stuff, or i'm working on this feature; it's a bit tough to get working just right... it'll be a bit before the next release... you know, just check in ever so often with an update to really just re-inforce "i'm still here, still working on the next version", maybe i've fixed this or that... a progress log would be awesome.. just post little updates/fixes as you go, building up the version history in a more 'real time' approach.

aaanyways, if newsleecher wasn't such a great program you wouldn't have everyone foaming at the mouths for a new release -- that's a blessing and a curse ;)

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