Another (!) grinding halt for NewsLeecher?

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Another (!) grinding halt for NewsLeecher?

Post by HeavyB »

Take a look at the release schedule of NewsLeecher. Somehow I've got the feeling that "they" (whoever that will be) are lost in development ... right now it's 512 days since the last final release! And for the third time in a row there's a grinding halt ... it took three months to go from 3.91b2 to 3.95b1, it took six months to go from 3.95b3 to 4.0b1 and now it's five months ago since the latest release in the 4.0 series. Is there still some serious development going on?

3.9 Final - Released 15 May 2008
21 days later: 3.91 Beta 1 - Released 05 Jun 2008
Only 12 days later: 3.91 Beta 2 - Released 17 Jun 2008

No 3.91 Final, skipping to 3.95 instead!

It took 3 months to come up with the first: 3.95 Beta 1 - Released 23 Sep 2008
Just a month later: 3.95 Beta 2 - Released 29 Oct 2008
Within a week: 3.95 Beta 3 - Released 04 Nov 2008

Again: no 3.95 Final, but on with the 4.0 series...

After 188 days of silence: 4.0 Beta 1 - Released 11 May 2009
A week later: 4.0 Beta 2 - Released 18 May 2009
The next day, wow!: 4.0 Beta 3 - Released 19 May 2009
38 days later: 4.0 Beta 4 - Released 26 Jun 2009
Within a week: 4.0 Beta 5 - Released 02 Jul 2009
Just 8 days later: 4.0 Beta 6 - Released 10 Jul 2009
Five days after that: 4.0 Beta 7 - Released 15 Jul 2009

Beta 1 of 4.0 was released in May, followed by several betas in two months. After the last beta, released on July 15th, there was another grinding halt. It is now five months after the last beta, don't you agree this sounds like a "soon-to-be-dead" project. NewsLeecher seems to become more a indexing service than a software.

Since I started using SABnzbd+ I'm using NewsLeecher only for it's indexing service. And no, I'm not goint to renew my license. Let them first come up with something serious ... instead of betas following up unfinished releases.

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Post by Wonko »

Yeah, i think the guys behind the newsleecher have real life jobs and this is a hobby. I work also in the IT business with development, but this develop times are really slow.
Unfortunately the newleecher is the best usenet client to get.

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Re: Another (!) grinding halt for NewsLeecher?

Post by Ironside »

HeavyB wrote:Take a look at the release schedule of NewsLeecher.
Wow, nice summary.

I do think though beta's licenses should be extended while nothing seems to be happening.

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