Tremendous resource hog

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Tremendous resource hog

Post by oldcrow74 »

I am finding all of the recent betas to be tremendous resource hogs. My computer is unusable during downloads. I have found this under both Vista and Win 7. I am currently running a clean installation of Win 7 on a 1.8ghz processor with 4gb of ram. It is not a question of fragmentation. I find this degradation even if I have NO other programs or unecessary processes running, so it is definitely a problem with Newsleecher. It's so bad that once I start a download, I can't even move my mouse to click on "pause". I'm at the point of looking for another news reader. :x

Ken Schram
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Post by Ken Schram »

I have had the same problem for as many beta versions back as I can remember. I'm running Vista 32 w/3GB RAM on a 3.2 GHz P4. It's not to the point where I can move the mouse pointer, but it's pretty damn bad. I often pause the queue just so I can perform other tasks. Other than that, I have to walk away from the box. I'm fairly certain the problem lies with too much extracting and verifying while downloading... it's just too much going on all at once. I know WinRAR, as a standalone app, can bog down my system while extracting.

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Post by oldcrow74 »

I've had 20 or more instances of standalone WinRar running without the degradation that NL causes. I find it hard to believe that more people aren't complaining. I've also complained about this a couple times without any response from the NL people.

I should also have mentioned that I am not running Repair and Extract. I'm just doing downloads or reading headers.

Come on guys, what gives?

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Post by TifKag »

No problems here.

Window Maximized 7 to 17%
Window Minimized 6 to 12%

Only when combining files about 60% for about half a second, but does NOT cause slowdowns or mouse stuttering

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Post by oldbingo »

Here the same problems. It look like every new release is getting worse. My mouse and keyboard doesnot react during downloads. This is the first time i plan to change my newsreader

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