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NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 13

Post by Spiril »

Please use this forum thread to post questions / comments regarding NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 13.
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bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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4.0 b13 download link is giving me 4.0 b12.

Post by stimpco »

4.0 b13 download link is giving me 4.0 b12. Am I having epic fail?

Ken Schram
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Post by Ken Schram »

can you tell us precisely what is backed up with the new backup feature? (files, config, etc)

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Post by carloX »

shutting down the program during downloading headers, newsleecher still crashes

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Post by Smudge »

Ken Schram wrote:can you tell us precisely what is backed up with the new backup feature? (files, config, etc)
Repair & Extract, download queue, group settings and general settings are backed up if changed.
Please be aware of and use the following pages...
Services Status Page : SuperSearch and Usenet Access server status, retention, server load, indexing time, etc.
Support Request Form : Use this if you have a problem with billing or account status. The forum is only for NewsLeecher application issues.

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Post by Peweiss »


sort order still gets messed up when you select an article subjects filter.

See issue reported in Beta 11 + 12 for details on how to reproduce.

Is this really so hard to fix? It´s quite annoying to have to re-sort each time ...

Thanks - Peter

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Post by p0W3Rh0u5e »

Code: Select all

!: Fixed a problem introduced in a previous beta, where
   NewsLeecher would sometimes pause the transfer queue when
   anti-virus software temporarily locked the files that
   NewsLeecher was downloading.
Well, for me it did'nt fix anything, it acutally introduced this kind of problem. While downloading with b12 (mostly) worked fine (the only problems are a few empty files from time to time), i got alot "locked file" errors in b13, those files are then left in temporary folders...

I'm using Microsoft's Security Essentials as Anti-Virus-Software.

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Post by Yotz »

carloX wrote:shutting down the program during downloading headers, newsleecher still crashes
I've now learnt not to close NL now when downloading headers as mine also crashes (Doing anything while it downloas is dangerous). But the problem is when it does crash it tries to redownload everything again!

I had a case the other day again when I had downloaded 20GB, it had been repaired and extracted but as soon as I restarted after the crash, it just redownloaded everything again. I caught it this time but I think my record is around 30-40GB of files redownloaded cause I touched NL while it was getting headers.

I also still get multiple corrupt headers in the listview, have to clear the cache and get all headers again to get rid of them.

I don't see any reference to these issues (which I have submitted) in B13 so I guess I won't be upgrading just yet.

What I sometimes do (as I'm subscribed to 10+ groups) is to get headers from one group, close NL and repeat until you have everything... doesn't seem to save anything to disk for me unless I do this.


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Post by sweatier »

I would try to install b12 and then b13 but I would always start b11.

It appears the install program is showing:

c:\program files\newsleecher\newsleecher

I removed one 'newsleecher' and it installed good.


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Thank you!

Post by mh090170 »

Thank you for implementing my request :)
Implemented an automatic backup system. Per default, the backup system is enabled and set to backup NewsLeecher every 15
...and testing it now :D

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Post by eddiem54 »

The "Change Destination" function does not work when using R+E and the destination disk is full, ie. status shows "Not Enough Disk Space". This function works OK if used while still downloading. In 4b12 and 4b13, maybe in others?

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Post by gkar »

still get

Bug Data1:

Bug Data2:
Access violation at address 0084410B in module 'newsLeecher.exe'. Read of address 00000000

when trying to "wipe group cache" on an active virtual or single group

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Post by Wolfie8881 »

socks proxy still tries to connect to instead of :(

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Post by Downstream »

On Windows 7 Ultimate there seems to be a little screen update problem.

When I change the column width by dragging it the header become unreadble/smudged

Question: Where is the "Save queue" option?

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Post by fiedler »

Look, I swear by Newsleecher, but for me there's one bug that has been around since Beta 1 and another that's more recent, and they're getting really annoying.

The first is that rar files, particularly bigger files, seen to get stuck in the "temporary" folder, ie, putting those temp files in a separate folder has NOT helped, and it's on a random basis -- some other process on the machine may be interfering, but surely there's a way of circumventing that. One can't even rename the stuck files when they're left lying around -- they don't work. It's a pain in the butt because some days it works, some days it doesn't and this version (NL4) is the only newsreader that's ever done this to me. (XP, SP2, 2 gigs ram, Astraweb)

The other -- again seems random, but on a day-to-day basis, rather than individual files -- in spite of setting up tweaks to put "view" articles -- text or graphics -- into the appropriate folder, they are dumped to a folder called NewsleecherV4\Temp\NLTemp and disappear when NL closes.

Please, please, could we have a fix?

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