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NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 16

Post by Spiril »

Please use this forum thread to post questions / comments regarding NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 16.
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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Post by tp92891 »

Thank you for fixing these bugs!

Unfortunately, there is still one bug present that bites me regularly: Repair / Extract fails to reassemble single files larger than 2 GB (file size as opposed to download size). To be clear, these files are not stored in .RAR-files but are split like .001, 002, etc.

When R/E encounters such a file, it hangs at the verify stage with 0% done. Downloading continues and group browsing is still possible, but R/E remains stalled with high CPU usage. Unfortunately, no relevant information seems to be logged. Stopping R/E doesn't work; trying to close NL fails because it waits for R/E to stop.

The good news is that the new backup system still works at that point; by triggering a backup, killing NL's process, having QuickPar process the .PAR2-file and then moving out the files from where NL knows them to be and finally (phew!) restarting NL, NL can continue to process the queue without having lost its state. Very grateful for the backup function!

In order to reproduce this bug, all that is required is finding a file larger than 2 GB (the file size the group list and SS, display includes the overhead; anything over 2,6 GB should do) that is split as above with the corresponding .PAR2-file. In case that's required, I could give some recent posts which triggered this bug by PM or something.

AFAIK this is not a recent regression; I seem to remember this happening in the 3.9 series as well. A signed integer or something? :)

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Post by mithrilG60 »

Yet again the bug where the "!! newsleecher temporary !!" folder in the download directory not being cleaned up or deleted by NewsLeecher when a download and extract completes has not been addressed. NewsLeecher still keeps open files in this folder preventing it's manual deletion until NewsLeecher is closed.

This has been an issues since Beta 12 when this "feature" was introduced. Is there any intent on the part of the developers to address this problem?

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Post by p0W3Rh0u5e »

*: Further improved the 'Collections' algorithm, which is used by
NewsLeecher to find articles that belong together.
Well, there are still problems with gigantic sets, only r* and s* files are recognized as part of a collection. The file-counter still can't handle more than 255 files. There are lots of sets that break those limits.

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Articles Tab update headers - list resets to random location

Post by the doctor »


In the Articles Tab when updating headers the header list relocates itself to random(?) locations when the update completes.

When updating headers the header list should remain at stable at the current location and updated headers should be added to header list in the appropriate locations as indicated by the current sort setting.

The header list should not relocate itself when the update completes.

This appears to only happen when nothing is selected in the list.

Confirmed only happening if nothing is selected.

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Post by bbarker »

I'm running under Windows XP Home and this version exits without any messages as soon as I connect to a server. I've tried installing to an empty directory and got the same result. It doesn't get far enough to actually connect to the server. Is anyone successfully running b16 under XP Home?
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Post by carloX »

>NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 16
>Release Date: 2010-03-22 13:03:38
>*: Further improved the 'Collections' algorithm, which is used by
> NewsLeecher to find articles that belong together.

i'd say the collections algorithm needs further improvement....

see a post concerning an audience-recording:

+ bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording)"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "Bob Dylan 2010-03-21 Tokyo.ffp"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "Bob Dylan 2010-03-21 Tokyo.txt"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "17.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "16.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "15.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "14.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "13.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "12.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "11.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "10.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "09.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "08.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "07.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "06.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "05.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "04.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "03.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "02.flac"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "01.flac"

only the items behind the + got collected.

the collected items unfolded:

- bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording)"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol000+02.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol002+04.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol006+08.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol014+16.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol030+32.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol062+64.par2"
bd2010-03-21 (ARASHI Recording) - "bd2010-03-21 Tokyo (ARASHI Recording).vol126+74.par2"


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Post by SiM99 »

Since updating to NL 4.0 b16, I start NewsLeecher and after loading up the program immediately closes. The splash screen comes up and then NewsLeecher shows, I just about get to click on something before the program closes without warning.

Is there a log that I could look at to see what's wrong?

I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I was registered and my license expired a couple of days ago. At this point, I could no longer use Super Search, but I could still download the files in the queue. Has the licensing been changed so that the program closes instead? I don't think this will be the case (otherwise, how would you enter your license key?) but I had to ask :)


I've investigated further, firstly making a backup of my existing settings files. I deleted certain things from the settings directory and launched the program. If NL closed, then I restored the original config files and then deleted something else.

The only way that I've managed to get NewsLeecher to remain open was to remove the "servers" directory. I'm not exactly sure which server it is that's giving me trouble, but definitely one of them. I have 8 set up - two of which are disabled and 6 in use. (I think there's 2 disabled anyway)

I don't really want to re-enter all of the servers (plus I want to be helpful and debug the issue, of course ;) ) and I'm getting to bed soon, so let me know if there's anything I should try and I will do tomorrow.

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Post by 9153465743 »

Can the button to hide "news stand" pane come back?
I like to use this space for the Newsleecher log window.

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Persistent crashes, rolling back - UPDATE, SOLVED

Post by gamelpos »

Running under Window 7

Beta16 stops responding, eventually process is killed, can't find a remedy

Am rolling back to beta 15 until the next beta. Will reinstall 16 if there are any specific steps you want me to take to tackle this persistent crash.

One thing I noticed - every time 16 crashes, killing the process also kills a virtual desktop manager I use, named WindowsPager. It's a very simple VDM, nothing fancy, main virtue being that it's compatible with Win7.

Beta 15 did the same thing so I took a closer look.

In the queue, I had checked a zero-content file, one of those msgs whose content is the subject line. It popped up in my editor just before every crash.

Next time I started NL I made sure it wasn't connected, found and unchecked the queue entry. The crashes stopped.

Other zero-content messages I've checked have not had this effect, so it isn't something I can replicate now that it's cured.

Going back to Beta16, hope it was a one-time thing. A persistent Ctl-Y bug I keep reporting is much more troublesome but at least it's intermittent.


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Post by Steve0 »

Same issue here as gamelpos, also running on Windows 7.

When I launch Beta16, and then select my favorite newsgroup and click the Update button, some text files I had opened and read yesterday (before installing Beta16), reopen unprompted.

In the Windows taskbar, I close the multiple opened Notepad windows as a group. Then when I click again in the Newsleecher window, the window fades (as unresponsive applications in Win7 do) and I have to crash the app in Task Manager.

Following gamelpos' experience, after relaunching Newsleecher, I selected all files in the download queue and executed "Cancel Selected." (It has been a few beta versions since "Cancel All" has worked for me.)

That seems to have cleaned things up.


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Post by pzam »

While you are working with folder extract cache and such.
Think about moving the extract to seporate folder option to the groups or virtual group properties tab.
option: "extract to separate sub-folder or not"(group by by group).

With this option we can create virtual/group and have where it creates sub-folders and other virtual/groups that just bunch files normally.

The way you have it now is global and that works fine if you just download the same thing all the time. But each group is different and some times we need every item to go in a sub-folder and most times we don't.

ALSO the option to use the subject field to extend the file description could also be moved to a folder by folder feature. There are usually just 1 or 2 folders that this is needed on that contain text documents or hundreds of small archives

I see people wanting macros and hot keys but how many people really use them. I would like it if there was an Add-on that could use the macros to past search items to the articles area of newsleecher. This would be handy for items searched over and over daily.

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Post by Jed »

I'm still having severe problems retrieving headers as has been the case for the last few betas. As soon as newleecher starts retrieving headers it becomes very unresponsive and the entire system slows down. It gradually grabs more and more memory until at about 1.5 GB it quits working with a small message box that doesn't display anything at all in it. If I just ignore the system for a while it can retrieve about 3 million headers. At 7 million it finally hangs and I have to kill it. The number of headers that have been retrieved is updated very rarely. There is no problem downloading posts. I'm running XP and using Giganews.

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Post by 9153465743 »

Newsleecher is using OpenSSL for the SSL connections.
The version of the files "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" is

OpenSSL has released multiple updates and the last version is /0.9.8n (released today).

The files from OpenSSL can't be used to replace the Newsleecher files. This gives an error.

Can the last version (including important bug and security fixes) of OpenSSL be added to the next release?

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Right click on Folder in Newleecher Explorer tab freezes Newleecher

Post by buzzword147 »

Right clicking on a folder in the Newsleecher Explorer windows causes the cursor "busy" icon to display, and newsleecher to lock up. This is under Windows 7 x64. Never had the problem with the 3.x series.