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Problem with a large file (never seen before 4.b18)

Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:14 pm
by tvgeloof
I have never seen this before. And I have downloaded much larger files than this. Quote below is a Copy and Paste straight from the log-window.
This also shows in a very large popup Window. Unless I delete this nearly complete download I can not continue because NL disconnects because of this.
19:44:46 * Error Message:
Not enough storage is available to process this command

wrong filesize (-1 vs 4.698.746.679) - exists: 1

G:\Incoming\alt.binaries.erotica\!! newsleecher temporary !!\

More info:
The file currently downloading is a multipart RAR upto *.r93, each part is 50 MB, the last one is 45MB. Total filesize is the 4.6G mentioned above. The error happens when that last part (r93) is 100% downloaded: It is complete in the temporary folder. It just can't be moved to the real download directory and renamed.
File:1532415897 above however refers to a second temp-file which is exactly 4 GB in size. No idea were that comes from. I do not have a single-file download of a 4G file in my queue at all.
By the way: I've got 170 GB free space on this NTFS volume so that can't be the problem.
It looks as if there is some problem with overflowing a unsigned 32 bit integer combined with the generation of a huge temp-file that shouldn't be there in the first place.