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Post by XManJx »

The Show/Hide Group Navigation panel doesn't auto hide anymore when placing mouse cursor into the articles pane.

Also on the issue of selecting Go To DL Folder choice, yes the Queue tab remains highlighted, but even if you click it, the view doesn't change to the Queue view, you must select a different tab, then Queue to go back to the View tab.

Please get the drag and drop for the Repair working again, its a pain if you don't have repair and monitoring enabled. Then you must use external quickpar and winrar.

When will the search category Erotica be able to go farther then 200 days???

I have been paying subscription for the SS for years and think that I should get that search for all groups since most servers are now giving almost a 1000 days retention.

Thanks, all in all a good release and the product has come a long way over the years, never chose to use any other downloader.

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