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.zip nzb does not import from specificed folder

Post by kublai »

In this version files will not import from the specified folder for auto importing of nzb files. Uncompressed .nzb files are importing OK.
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Post by netmike1gmail »

the only problem is... it seems to really hog my pc, i mean, its like its using my memory/cpu power..

think im gonna go back to a older version..

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shutdowm when queue is empty

Post by kublai »

Whenever I use this option NL would shutdown while R&E is running and goes back to the last time the transfer queue was saved even though all files have been downloaded. Also when I turn on Newsleecher again it shows an application bug error because NL did not shutdown correctly. Would it be possible to shutdown only after all R&E are completed so NL can shutdown correctly?

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R'n'E - Verifying Long Pause

Post by deedubb »

I've run into a problem where the Verifying of 50MB rar files caused a long pause between files. The R'n'E tab would show 'Verifying 100%' then a long pause until the next file starts.

I turned paranoid logging on, no output.

I then unchecked 'enabled' and verified the fileset with QuickPar which didn't have a long pause.

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Post by Legion303 »

"Newsleecher is pausing to let the download queue catch up: articles are being downloaded quicker than can be written to disk" when downloading to external drive. I'm only on a 7mbit line, the external is USB2.0, 7200RPM, and much fast than anything this computer can throw at it. Reverting to b4 made the problem disappear. I'm on XP SP3 and had rar-in-rar checking turned off (since it froze NL when it was on).

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Post by JMark »

Cleaning Usenet Group counter freezes after the first few hundred; cpu hit averages 20%, cleaning window remains on screen regardless of which window I open.


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