Repair & Extract - logical errors

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Repair & Extract - logical errors

Post by infiniter »

Hello! This is in NL since longer, but somehow I never realised, so I'll post now.
This is about Repair & Extract feature:

1. Functions like EXTRACT can not be checked/unchecked if ENABLED is unchecked
2. If EXTRACT is not checked and there's a file with status "Ready to extract" I can not manually start extraction for that file by rightclicking, because there is no option like "Extract". I can only check EXTRACT again and it would start, but it would also start for other files, which may not be wanted to be extracted.
3. If EXTRACT is not checked and there's a file waiting to be extracted, it is not removed by CLEANUP. So I have to manually remove if I don't want it to be extracted by NL.
4. If NL is PAR checking, repairing or extracting, stopping does not work sometimes or not at all.
5. Archives which NL failed to extract (this actually happens often) are not removed from the queue when using CLEANUP.
6. NL only starts extraction if monitoring was successful. This is not necessary, because some stupid posters even include JPG of NFO files in the PAR and the download of those is not necessary to extract the archive. But I guess, NL can not detect whether all parts of the RAR are healthy.

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