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Can the developer finally answer this question?

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:24 pm
by Crand
Why "Advanced Nerdy Tweaks" isn't just called "Settings" and made into part of the settings page? That's what they are. Settings. Not "Nerdy" settings.

Re: Can the developer finally answer this question?

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:11 am
by Crand
I just checked the current version of Newsleecher on my Personal Computer and sure enough, the "Nerdy Tweaks" were finally renamed to something more appropriate. Nice to see you finally took my advice to improve this piece of apathy. I don't know exactly when you did it but I hope you credited me in the changelog because you sure didn't come up with it yourself.

I was going to list a couple programs as examples of how this sort of thing is done well and a couple where it's done poorly. After much searching I came to the conclusion that because there were so many programs to use as examples of how settings are done well that Newsleecher must be the only piece of software in 2018 that still doesn't handle this in a well thought-out manner. I'd rather just change values in the Windows Registry instead of that stupid tweaks interface.

I haven't been here in a while and I had a blast reading through a bunch of old posts that were basically one user posting a problem they'd like addressed by the developer's developers at some point only to be attacked by some mentally substandard individual who says "BUT IT'S BETA SOFTWARE N00B!" I love that argument. Just because somebody decides to call something "beta" we're supposed to tolerate half-assed design, crashes, and bugs? No sir. I do not accept this.

I use NewsLeecher one or two times a year when I need to search for a font or something. When it comes to the binaries that matter I use an indexing site with a membership and SABnzbd. I'm SO glad I finally found this combination of software because it made all the BS I had to put up with while using Newsleecher a thing of the past. If anybody would like to know how to acquire binaries from newsgroups in an efficient and well designed manner using software that simply DOES NOT FAIL, reply to this post or PM me or do some sort of thing that contacts me and I'll give you the basic tutorial. There must be somebody left around here using this garbage and needs help leaving it behind. I'd like to provide that help to anybody who asks as a gesture to the developers who never lifted a finger in all these years to help me even once.

Suck it Newsleecher.