Recent UI changes aren't an improvement

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Recent UI changes aren't an improvement

Post by crocolord » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:27 pm

I just recently went to v5 beta 10, and generally the changes have been improvements, but one place I think that things are regressing is in UI elements.

For instance, the online/off line state. It used to be a button with the word, that got depressed, a nice visual notifier. Now it blinks when it's offline. When the download queue is paused, the stop watch blinks, but I think it always has. But now, in Windows 7, the task bar button also flashes yellow/green. Seeing a trend here?

Remember back in the 90s when the www was new, and everyone stuck blink tags on everything? Yeah, that's what it feels like is happening here. The animation in the corner, cute, but pointless. I feel like there's a little too much flourish creeping in, animation for the sake of animation.

I preferred the simpler less "flashy lights" interface. Like the taskbar button, what does flashing yellow/green get us that just turning the progress bar yellow doesn't? Was the connect button really in need of an overhaul? Does it really need a blinking "look at me!" status?


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Post by Necrosat » Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:32 am

Ont he winter animations - I agree. Drove me nuts that they were sitting there mocking me.
Some people like them, others hate them (I'm one of them).

Used advanced nerdy tweaks (GUI settings) to disable these though and I'm much happier now.

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Post by Kubaton » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:19 pm

I totally agree. Just wait until you see B11's SuperSearch interface. It's like design elements are just randomly placed on the toolbar. Why move the search button to the left of the search box when it's been on the right for every other version and people are generally creatures of habit? The search result filter box is placed after the Watchdog, Post, and Cleanup elements. Why not place the search result filter after the search input box since I'm most likely to use the filter after every search?

I used to look forward to new releases but lately I'm almost afraid of how it's going to change, and not for the better, the interface that I've become accustomed to during the several years I've been a user.

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Post by y0himba » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:56 pm

Personally I think the interface is very improved. The compact modes are extremely nice and space saving, the autohide on the connections browser is OUTSTANDING. Love it. The interface looks a lot more clean.

My only peeves so far: Need an option to remove the text form the toolbar icons across the entire interface.

Why is "Post" under the Supersearch tab?

And of course, my age old request: Can we auto hide the Groups Browser on the articles tab, and now the new Bookmarks/Searches on the Supersearch tab? Autohide them just like the connection browser.
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Post by Kubaton » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:42 pm

To give credit where credit is due, I agree that the compact views and the connection browser auto-hiding are great improvements.

My biggest complaint is the order of buttons, input fields, etc. getting changed to something that makes no sense, as well as the general lack of organization. As you stated, why is there a Post button listed under SuperSearch?

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