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Re: Feature to add

Post by doppler »

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Re: Feature to add

Post by SylvainP72 »

doppler wrote:
SylvainP72 wrote:Hello,

I just tried the beta 12, it's nice but I need one little option before to subscribe.
When I download from a SuperSearch, the files are not stored in a subfolder named with the search name (like the option for the nzb import).

To solve temporarily this issue, I have to export to a nzb file and import it just after. :-/

Have you tried ctrl-shift-s, that works for the normal article download view. It works the same in SS. Might be what you are looking for.
Thanks ! It works ! :)
.: SylvainP72 :.

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Re: Some articles (files) just stall in the queue

Post by CrazyDude »

Rashomon wrote:I have not had the problem since (for years) but I used this workaround at the time. Here is the thread: viewtopic.php?t=20213&highlight=
:D I would like to say that Newsleecher has come a long way since then. I started using RnE a couple weeks ago and it REALLY WORKS GREAT now!!
What, so you're saying I should GO BACK to using NewsRover coz it downloads and extracts the archive ok? I LEFT NewsRover because it sucked in many ways. This is really the only problem I have with NewsLeecher and all I'm asking is for it to get fixed. It's not hard to duplicate this issue.

And what is "RnE"?

No beta release for the past 4 months? What's going on here? :(

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v5 Beta 13, still no stalled Queued files fix?

Post by CrazyDude »

Finally a new beta release! I'm glad it's being worked on. But no mention of fixing this issue with stalled "Queued" files? If it would only just close out and save the incomplete file, PAR files would be able to fix them 99% of the time. But instead the Queued files just sit there and never finish, so it misses like 4-5 files out of an archive, all of them almost done with usually just 1% left.

This doesn't happen to all files, only some. But I'm noticing it quite a bit more. I haven't updated to build 13 yet, but there's no mention of a fix in it. ?

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