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Post by capntripz »

I have found that when you first subscribe to a group, all of the headers are not downloaded IF you have NL set to only download say 20,000,000 on the first download. You have to download all the headers are they will be a big gap, as seen in the days of posting, in that group. If you clear the cache, start over, and download ALL the headers for the group in one instance, then all is well. Anytime I subscribe to a new group, I just clear the cache for that group and get all the headers with no restriction on number.

It is extremely annoying for large groups (I don't think I would even try it on "boneless").

My wish would be for NL to move on to 64 bit with the rest of the world and fix these bugs we have had for years now. Now we have an alpha release for version 6 yet we still have bugs from version 4. Add to that NL is expanding it's services and will be in competition with others. Sounds like the train jumped the track somewhere along the line.

NL is still the best in my book, but there are some very progressive clients coming along nicely. Many hosts already have a search feature (can't live without) they could roll out. I really don't want to change ponies after this many years with NL, but there are some things that really need to happen.

If I didn't really like NL, then I wouldn't post this so don't anyone take it as a flame.

Oh and just to be on topic... I have found that if NL closes faster than the drives can dump their cache, the database gets goofy. It would be nice to have a utility to repair the database and sync to the group as a separate action from running NL.

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