Hangs and pauses on header retrieval?

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Hangs and pauses on header retrieval?

Post by eekthecat »

On v6.5b3, Win8. NL seems to hang on header retrieval if I haven't done so for a few days (so there are >2-3million per large group). The program becomes unresponsive, though it seems like they are sometimes trickling into NL in the background. (the window shows as "not responding"). Other times, NL just never responds and must be force closed.

This has been constant throughout the last few betas. I've tried resetting the groups with no luck... I realize this isn't a lot of info to go on, but has anyone seen this?

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Post by Smudge »

Obviously that shouldn't happen. How long do you give it before force closing it?

How much memory does your system have and how much is NewsLeecher using? Are you running Win8 or 8.1?
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Post by krazykanuck »

I was having this issue and changed max simultaneous updates to 2 which seemed to solve the problem.
The first time it locked up I left it overnight and it didn't come back.

I am running W7 with 16G memory

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