Repair n Extract in endless loop

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Re: Repair n Extract in endless loop

Post by Spiril »

Cyan, thanks for testing. Much appreciated.

I just tried the settings file you PMed to me, but unfortunately it doesn't help much, because it still works as it should on my system.

Btw, when you launch NewsLeecher, the NewsLeecher log outputs a line looking like this :

"Loaded and initialized PAR2 checking and repairing functionality ( DLL v1.0.12.0 )..."

Is the DLL version also on your system ?
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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Re: Repair n Extract in endless loop

Post by Cyan »

Sorry for the late reply.

I installed latest beta (7.0b8) and it still has the bug.
I checked my par2 dll version and it's too.

I don't understand why you don't have the bug with my file.
I only had to copy that file on an empty profile to trigger it.
Maybe (I didn't try !) it could be related to the setting path ? I edited the path to be on another drive using the .ini trick in the program's folder.
I'm using this:

I hope we could fix it for 7.0 final release, but right now I don't know what to try.

I would need a way to check what's different in my setup file. It's 10+KB instead of a clean 3KB, I tried to reset all I could but it still isn't back to clean setup size so there's probably some residual informations from old versions.
now what I could do is try reverting to old version to find the first one with that issue, as long as it's using the same setupv2 format.

I tried reverting, but it seems newsleecher is reseting all settings if I downgrade, probably because it has a setup version detection.
even 7.7ufr2 is reseting the settings from 7.0b7
of course, after the reset it works fine, no more repair bug.
it's definitely related to something in the setup file. I'll see if I have backups from old versions to "upgrade" to version older than 7.0b7

I have a setup.v2 from an old version without the bug.
I tested upgrading one by one (even using ufr versions), but the bug didn't trigger.
so it's not an issue from updating the version, but really something inside my setupv2, we could compare both setup files?
I reset the settings in both setup files identically, the two setup have different sizes. Would it be useful to you to compare them?

Issue still present in 7b9

If it's an issue with the setup file content, and that two exact same user setup don't generate the same data, it means it's something not accessible from the user.
Could it be possible to add an option to export/import setup ? it would export only the user's changes (advanced setting, custom folders, etc.).
by doing so, it'll be easier to fix the bug by creating a new profile without the bug and importing only the working user's settings instead of duplicating up a complete profile manually.

Sorry, lot of edits.
7b10 still has the bug.

I downloaded a file and this time there were no bug.
I tried my previous par2, and the bug is still here.
it looks like it's based on the par2 file itself, maybe the par2 is done wrong ? the par2 parser is maybe the issue.

I checked the tool used to create the par2:
-par2cmdline 0.4 --> has the bug
-par2cmdline 0.6.11 --> works

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Re: Repair n Extract in endless loop

Post by Andreas »

Spiril wrote: When you got a minute to spare, pls try the following :

Close NewsLeecher.

Rename the C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\NewsLeecher folder to something else.

Your settings have now been reset. See if you can still trigger the bug.

When done testing, just close NewsLeecher again and restore the renamed NewsLeecher folder.
I can confirm that this procedure makes the bug disappear. Since this bug annoyed me for several months now, I bit the bullet and set up NewsLeecher completely new from scratch. It's not a nice solution, but at least the bug is gone now (for me).

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Re: Repair n Extract in endless loop

Post by Cyan »

yes, but reseting all the settings is not the fix, it's a workaround that users need to do themselves and was used by the dev to determine where the bug was located. And it only means that the issue is triggered from a residual setting because reseting all settings from the current version's interface doesn't fix it.
I found one of my old setting file without the bug and set both (that file and the one with the bug) to identical setup, and they have different file size. The setting triggering the bug is still inside the setup.

I don't have any means to compare the two files to see which setting is triggering the issue. Maybe by installing every previous versions one by one and comparing existing settings to find which one could be enabled and has been removed without properly reseting its value?

I also noticed that the bug is only on specific par2 files, not all of them.
specifically the ones created with par2cmdline v0.4

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