Par2 action changed in the betas, return "action" req

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Par2 action changed in the betas, return "action" req

Post by doppler »

This is not a request for a feature. This is a request for how Par2 files are queue'd.

Baseline: (in some of the past betas)
Par2 files would pause always (teak in config). Except when:

1. Only when below a certain size set in config.
2. Only when selected files were all Par2. Then all selected would be unpaused in queue.

How it queues Par2 now. If RNE is enabled Par2 is queued as set in config limits.

Otherwise: ------ RNE not on ------> All articles including "all" Par2's are queued!
Just requesting a return to a near pass Par2 handling action.

Exit question. This was asked in the pass, but it makes a lot of sense.
Let RNE extract files only when certain types, are the only missing or don't matter.
AKA, All other files are intact and good. IE: NFO, SRR, etc. This makes sense when those
file types are deleted and not moved to the extract directory.

Thanks for resolving the cache/display corruption bug in last beta. That was a nasty bug.

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