NL7 B7 - Can´t get rid of "extracted" folder

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NL7 B7 - Can´t get rid of "extracted" folder

Post by Peweiss »

I want to have my extracted folder in the same folder that the archives are downloaded to - exactly like listed in the last point of the "destination folder FAQ".

I tried several options, inlcuding leaving the "repair and extract" folder empty, I tried "<PAR2 Path>", I tried using just "." - nothing helped.

The best I could get was using "<PAR2 Path>", but that still puts the file in a subfolder "extracted" instead of the folder where I want it ...

How can I get rid of the "extracted" folder? For me this sounds like a bug, as per the FAQ it should go in the same folder as the archives ...

Regards - Peter

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