7.0 Beta 7 - Download setting "Small Files to Top of Queue" is not working

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7.0 Beta 7 - Download setting "Small Files to Top of Queue" is not working

Post by jharris1993 »

The setting for sending small files to the top of the transfer queue is not working.

Proposed Severity: 3 - important, but not critical.
Proposed Priority: 3 - Fix before final release, but not a "show-stopper" bug.
Scale is 1-5, 1 is the highest severity/priority, and 5 is the lowest.

Active Version: 7.0 beta 7

Active Subscription Level: Client Plus

Win7 Home Premium 64 bit, fully updated as of this instant date.
System is a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6980, with an Intel Core Duo, T9400 (with virtualization enabled), 8Gb RAM, 2T hard drive, running on a hard-wired Ethernet network.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to "Settings: --> Download Settings, and verify that the "Small Files to Top of Queue" feature is enabled (checked).
2. Set the "Small is Below" to some non-trivial value. (Mine is set to "10000 Kb" (10 Mb)
3. Create a leech-download of a number of articles that consist of files of varying sizes, and ensure that some of the files in the file-set to download are smaller than the "Small is Below" value set above. (Note: This can be done by downloading something that contains a number of RAR and PAR files.)
4. Go to the "Queue" tab and look at the files being downloaded there.

Expected Result:
All files less than the "Small is Below" value are at the top of the queue, or have already downloaded because they were at the top of the queue.
All remaining files are larger than the "Small is Below' value set above.

Actual Result:
Files smaller than the "Small is Below" value are not moved to the top of the queue.

Note to Developer:
Though I have not specifically tested this - is it possible that the "Small is Below" setting, in Kb, is actually a value in Mb, since the value below it (Pause if disk space gets below), is also a value in Mb? If this is true, that would explain the behavior - 10,000 Mb is 10 Gb, and all the items in the transfer queue are smaller than that. Ergo, nothing floats to the top.


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