V7.0 Beta 8 - Cannot Add to Transfer Queue

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V7.0 Beta 8 - Cannot Add to Transfer Queue

Post by psypher »

This bug has actually been there for a while, but I never actually noticed how to replicate until today. I had to download some individual parts today and I was only able to download 1 part at a time as every time I time I tried to add an additional part, NL would pop a dialog saying "Cannot Add to Transfer Queue. One of more of the selected articles are already in the transfer queue."

It seems it gets confused somehow with different parts of the same file. For example, what I was downloading was split into multiple part rar files.



I could only add to the queue 1 part file at a time.

Please note that when it's done through an nzb, it's not an issue. This was more of when having to go back and get some of these manually. I've also noticed that while it's downloading a part, when I search for another part in SuperSearch, it shows the download status of the other part that is already in the queue.

To replicate, search and add to the queue a single part file. After it's been added and it starts downloaded, search for another single part and try to add it to the queue.

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Re: V7.0 Beta 8 - Cannot Add to Transfer Queue

Post by Spiril »

Can you PM me with a specific example ?
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.

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