Newsleecher v7 Beta 10 UFR - Repair and Extract is not counting broken/incomplete file sets properly.

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Newsleecher v7 Beta 10 UFR - Repair and Extract is not counting broken/incomplete file sets properly.

Post by Narris »

UFR = Unofficial Forum Release

I have created this thread to track this current repair and extract issue even though I've yet to get full reproduction steps.

This one will be harder to reproduce; I have not gotten complete reproduction steps with articles to test, as it has to do with incomplete files AND Repair/Extract but this really depends on what newsgroup providers you have subscribed/purchased.

For this bug to occur, you need damaged possibly DCMA'd material to test; Today I sampled articles in the 57-60 day range to try and recreate this issue I've run into in the past. You need damaged archives because I'm noticing when this happens; it's only when the articles are repaired by an external par program they will then be extracted with Repair and Extract. Often times these reported "incomplete" sampled sets, are reporting they need anywhere from 2-15 Blocks to begin the repair by R/E. However Multipar will fix these archive files with no issue and then picked up in the R/E refresh thread.

I Have a couple questions about this process for the developer.

1) Does repair and extract support damaged PAR sets?

I feel this issue might be something with this and even triggering the bug.
Higher blocked sets can still provide repair blocks. However, after more observation, I'm fairly sure that's the case with this bug. As I'm seeing 2 damaged par files for a total of 23 blocks (38 par blocks in total) and the file set needs use of 22 for recovery in Multipar, and Repair/Extract is reporting the same archive as needing 21 blocks to start the process but cannot complete (incomplete). I Just did this again. I've got the exact same file set which now requires only 7 par blocks [I copy'd the damaged files, repaired them and have been mixing and matching to see if the issue still happens at different block counts] to complete repair, out of 38 total blocks (23 which are from damaged) Multipart reports only 7 blocks are needed to repair and CAN repair. Repair and Extract is reporting that it still NEEDs 6 blocks and is incomplete. There is some kind of bug being triggered here. Even when I remove the damaged PAR files, Repair and Extract still does not repair the .rar files correctly.

2) Do you require incomplete example archive sets? If so I will start making copy's of damaged files and par sets that are experiencing this issue for easier local reproduction.

It's a holiday, and nearly sunrise, but I'll see if I can get this done today. It's extremely difficult to find damaged archive sets on purpose but I think I might of gotten this one! :D


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