NL7B10 Reconnecting by itself

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NL7B10 Reconnecting by itself

Post by thany »

When I disconnect the servers by clicking the Pause button followed by the Online button in the top-left, NL will magically reconnect after a certain amount of time. When it disconnects, it also "clicks" the pause button, effectively resuming the queue, which will reconnect on its turn. Probably.

Whatever the case may be, when I have NL disconnect itself, I expect it to stay disconnected until I say otherwise. The disconnect is a direct user action, and direct user actions must not be undone by an automated action, generically speaking. This should even be true if there's a setting to auto-connect when the queue is non-empty.

That is why I consider this a bug.

The use-case for this is editing server properties: it becomes tedious to do so when NL constantly reconnects, because servers cannot be edited when NL is connected to any of them (which is weird, but so be it).
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