NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

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NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

Post by nonspin » Thu May 25, 2017 4:22 am

Since the majority of changes are most likely GUI-related .. here's one cosmetic issue:

After changing "Listview Background Color" the Unpacker Tab receives the short-end of that stick.
While every coloumn would receive the newly set color, the very first "PAR2 File Set" keeps the Default (while)
literally splitting the page right through the middle...

Consider including it please...

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Re: NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

Post by scuba » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:20 am

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Re: NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

Post by zedidk » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:20 pm

How to get this build??

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Re: NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

Post by ries1971 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:22 am


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Re: NL8B1UFR3 Listview BGCol

Post by Tiffansy » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:00 am

Thanks Really Informative! :)

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