SS and proxies

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SS and proxies

Post by Taomyn »

Is there anyway that a future version NL could help to allow access to SS via our proxy server.

At the moment I can do this for newsgroups because I can use a port tunnel program to relay the connection - I simply tell NL to use the port tunnel as the newgroup server and the port tunnel takes care of the rest.

I could easily do the same for SS but I'd need to be able to tell NL the address and port for it's searches then tell my port tunnel where to send the requests i.e. the address and port of the SS server.

Any chance of getting the option to enter the address/port for SS to use put into NL?

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Post by PiForever »

I'm interested in that also.... I PM you can you reply please??
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Post by peste »

Use a sniffer to find the port and ip.

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