Link to Beta 8.0 Forum Version 5

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Link to Beta 8.0 Forum Version 5

Post by NTDG »

Hi all,

You can download V8.0 Beta 1 Forum Release #5 over here:

A couple of months ago, Spiril posted the link to Forum Release #4 in this thread. I simply swapped the 4 for a 5 and found out 5 is the latest forum release.

So far, it's working fine, as long as I don't download new posts while downloading others. Make sure you add everything you want to download to your queue, before starting your downloads.

Of course, this does not make up for the lack of communication and misinformation by the developers, but at least this is something!


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Re: Link to Beta 8.0 Forum Version 5

Post by runestone »

Thanks. Installing now.

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